Unique 72ft double canoe, Ontong Java II for sale

Monday, December 19 2016 @ 12:55 PM GMT

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Ontong Java II. Unique 72ft double canoe, built by Hans Klaar in West Africa using local traditional plank built techniques.
Design inspired by the double canoes of the Tuamotus as recorded by Admiral Paris in the 19th Century.
Launched in 2012, been extensively voyaging in the Atlantic and Caribbean
In good health. Now based in Caribbean.
10 single bunks and 2 doubles.
Full galley 40hp Yamaha outboard.
Single mast with Crabclaw style rig and headsail.
Price: €90,000
More about the building of Ontong Java: http://www.atomvoyages.com/articles/sailor-interviews/327-hans-klaar-building-and-sailing-the-polynesian-double-canoe-ontong-java.html
Time lapse of Ontong Java II building and launch: https://vimeo.com/76410893
Contact Hans Klaar: wgowest@yahoo.com In Panama, Bocas del Toro off silverbacks, Atlantic side, 00507 603 139 15 or 0049 170 788 4176, also on whatsup.
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