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Sunday, February 17 2019 @ 03:52 PM GMT
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Please advise on any available Tiki 46,s for sale or coming up for sale in near future
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Wharram Tiki 21 Catamaran

Solid but needs full bottom sanding and paint. No trailer but has 4 wheel Cat Trax beach cart. Wharram wing sail. 6HP Tohatsu. Solar with separate battery and 6 breaker electrical system in each hull. LED nav lights. Power outlets inside and on deck. Safety net/tramps: 2 fore and 1 aft.

$7,000 OBO.

Florida Keys.

305-664-0190 (voice mail only, no texts) or

See for a Tiki 21 review in November 2016 (different boat, same design).

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Tiki 26 Nok Lueang

Wharram Tiki 26 Nok Lueang 2004/2016
Price: 15,000 Euro
Pictures under:
Build in 2004, Thailand.
Major overhaul in 2016, Langkawi Malaysia with
- New nettings
- New lashings
- New stainless steel rigging
- New mast
- New engine
- Painting deck and beams
- Dyneema used for Dolphin striker and others
- Painting inside the hulls
- New kayak
Location: Telaga Harbour Marina, Langkawi Island, Malaysia
Thai Registered
“SY.Nok Lueang” was built in Thailand in 2004 by the owners to highest standards. She has a beautiful finish and has been kept in a very good condition over the years.
The design has been changed a little to make her more comfortable: The cabin roof is raised for more inside space. The beams are 40 cm wider and the center platform is one flat area for maximum outside space.
She has been used in the Area between Phuket (Thailand) and Langkawi (Malaysia). When not in use, she was in dry storage.
With only knee-deep draft, she is the perfect boat to explore the islands of the Andaman Sea. She can be beached as a stainless-steel strip protects keels and skegs.
In 2016 she got a complete overhaul by the owners. Mast, rigging, lashings and nettings are new. The deck and the beams got painted with Jotun Polyurethan Paint. The hulls got painted inside. Nok Lueang is like new and ready to sail with a new outboard engine and kayak.
The owners want to sell her because of some family issues they won’t have time to use her.

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Unique 72ft double canoe, Ontong Java II for sale

Ontong Java II. Unique 72ft double canoe, built by Hans Klaar in West Africa using local traditional plank built techniques.
Design inspired by the double canoes of the Tuamotus as recorded by Admiral Paris in the 19th Century.
Launched in 2012, been extensively voyaging in the Atlantic and Caribbean
In good health. Now based in Caribbean.
10 single bunks and 2 doubles.
Full galley 40hp Yamaha outboard.
Single mast with Crabclaw style rig and headsail.
Price: €90,000
More about the building of Ontong Java:
Time lapse of Ontong Java II building and launch:
Contact Hans Klaar: In Panama, Bocas del Toro off silverbacks, Atlantic side, 00507 603 139 15 or 0049 170 788 4176, also on whatsup.
Click 'read more' to see more pictures

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Hinemoa 23

My Hinemoa 23 has extension on cabin this gives it a bit of extra room It was sprit rigged but I found it easier with a rig I put on allum and takes tornado cat mains and jibs Glassed ply Shes in the water and always very dry inside and motor is good yanmar 4stroke 4 hp I have so many projects I hate to see her neglected so opt to advertise at $3500 as is afew things to be done The bulwarks need replacing Theres general maintenance to be done
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Aluminium tube for Wharram Tiki 26 for sale

Hello Wharram Tiki 26 builders or owners,

We did build Magayon II, a Tiki 26, here in the Philippines some years ago.

Andi Smith's Junction Boatyard in Bohol had built the hulls and the mast. Recently I decided to replace the heavy wooden mast by one made from aluminium and after evaluating all options, I did get some aluminium tubes extruded by CALCO, a local company. Since they required a minimum amount of raw materials to be processed, I have some spare tubes. In case you know somebody in the Philippines looking for such tubes, please let me know. I am also happy to get quotations for shipping. The tubes are 8m long, 127 mm in diameter with a 3.5mm wall thickness, made from sea water resistant aluminium alloy. I am selling them at cost.

I am also selling the original wooden mast, if somebody is interested. Structurally it is in very good condition, hardly used, the paint is damaged in some areas.

Martin Gummert, Los Banos, Philippines
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Tiki 46 'Peace IV' for sale


Boat located on a protected dock in North Carolina, USA.
Peace is British built and has SSR numbers but is now duty paid in America. Neville has built six boats before he and I built Peace.
We built Peace in Britain and all during the build someone from the Wharram Design office would come to our work site and guide us. James Wharram often came by and we saw a lot of John Barker who drew up the build book. There are very few deviations from the plans and all have been approved by the design team.
Peace was built using the finest materials throughout including Marine grade top quality Okume (Gaboon) plywood and West System epoxy.

Asking price is $110,000 US

Please see ‘Letters from Peace IV’ on this website.
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Narai MKIV for sale

Health forces sale.
Upper Chesapeake location.
Solid build in 1990.
Has circumnavigated.
Last 6 years has been on hard being refurbished in covered shed.
Hulls are apart right now.
I'd say it's in the 85% range of completion and hesitate calling this a project boat.
Beams are not the pocketed design.
Newer main engine with very low hours.
7 sails.
Contact for more info, pics, work done, work yet to be done, ect.
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4hp Mercury Outboard

Outboard For Sale
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HUI Wharram 2016 Announced


We will be holding the Spring Wharram Rendezvous (a Hui Wharram) May 20-21-22 in Fort Myers, FL (Florida at the North Ft. Myers Beach Park)

(drive in, walk in, bike in all OK - just get there) 

A “Hui Wharram” or “Hui-o-waa-Kaulua-Wharram” (Hawaiian) is a group or gathering of Wharram boats but any type of boat is welcome.  Come even if you don’t have a boat.

Come, see and enjoy the boats.  Just have fun.  Weather permuting we sail,  We talk about Wharrams and nearly any other boat.  We tell sailing stories…some may even be true.  We compare notes.  We share pictures.  We look at plans.  We take pictures of each other’s boats and get some really good (and a few bad) ideas.  We eat and drink and just have fun.  Bring a boat if you have one and everyone is welcome … no boat needed!  FREE!  Join us for a Dutch-treat dinner on Saturday night at The Three Fisherman Restaurant and Bar…door prizes!

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Pahi 42 in Europe

Hello together,

I'm looking for a Pahi 42 in Europe. If you have a Boat for sale please tell me.

Best regards Oli
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Wharram Tiki 21 For Sale

Forever Young is for sale (formally Element – lots of You Tube and pics on web under that name). Solid but needs bottom sanding and paint. No road trailer but includes heavy duty 4 wheel Cat Trax/Big Foot beach cart. Original Wharram wing sale gaff rig with Jeckels sails (main, jib and spinnaker). Recent 6HP Tohatsu with 2 tanks. Solar panel on each hull with separate battery and electrical system in each hull. LED nav lights. Lots of power outlets in various places. Safety net forward. Forward and aft tramps. Will be keeping all other items (ground tackle, sleeping pads, gps, radios, etc) for new boat. $8,750.
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very nice Wharram 14 for sale

very nice Wharram 14 for sale not been used for a good while but dry stored a little tidying required and perhaps a lick of paint nothing much complete with all rigging and sales all original build plans bargain based in Exeter , Devon £850
Call 07599093024
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Wharram Pahi 42 For Sale

Wharram Pahi 42 catamaran. Built in Reunion, by professional builders (French island) 1999 with beams constructed from native "La Natte" redwood. Built for ocean off shore sailing. Sailed 20,000 miles across Indian, North and South Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. We have sailed in summer and winter and our boat has been tested and proved how strong it is in facing tough conditions. We have lived aboard permanently for 4 years in great comfort and this is why the boat has been so well maintained. A boat that sails and not resides in a marina, is a boat you can trust. We will keep sailing in the Caribbean until sold. Vessel in perfect condition, ready to sail immediately. You just need to bring your own clothes!
Boat registered in Australia.

Click 'Read more' for more details and price

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Tiki 31 'Ben-Tiki' for sale

It is with great reluctance that Ben-Tiki, a stretched Tiki 31 is up for sale.

Note from James Wharram Designs: This boat was enlarged to about 40 foot without consultation with the designers. We would advise buyers to purchase Design Improvement Package 2 to check details.

A recent visit to check out Ben-Tiki inside, I found that the hulls are still bone dry, at the keel level under the floor. So there are two prices, one for the boat as seen, apart from personal effects, plus plans and sails currently stored inside the smoke free house. The decking between the hulls need replacing but the crossbeams & cabin roofs are sound. There are 4 solar panels and an inverter over the navigation table. In the galley is a fitted cooker, run on calor gas. Inside it is painted white.


For a further £10,000 there are 3 engines, one serviced professionally & not used since service, 6 sheets of marine ply, soft & hard wood 'planks', ropes, an inflateable (possibly an avon) plus oars, several fuel tanks, & an electric engine, used only a couple of times & bought new. Also about 24 unopened tins of 2 coat paint & all the boating paraphernalia apart from the stuff that belongs with Kentiki, plus all the boat building equipment, like drills, sanders, brass screws etc. Ben-Tiki was launched in 2000, & has copperbot painted below the waterline.

Click 'read more' to see more pictures.

AK Hook
118 Howeth Road
Ensbury Park
BH10 5NS