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Sunday, February 17 2019 @ 03:44 PM GMT
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Sailing on Glenn Tieman's Tama Moana

In Novemember Hanneke Boon sailed for a week on Glenn Tieman's Tama Moana 'Manu Rere' in Mexico. This article can also be viewed on the new website for the 'Tikopia Project' that presents the voyage from the Philippines to Tikopia and Anuta.

More photos of this voyage can be viewed at
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More photos of Hans Klaar's Ontong Java

You can view a slide show and film clip of Hans' double canoe, taken in West Africa, where she was built, on this site:
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Boatbuilding in Vanuatu – first Sailing Catamaran launched in the Maskelynes.

Launch of TANENUI 'Lanisif' in the Maskelynes.

In 1997 on our Round-the-World voyage on Spirit of Gaia we visited the Maskelyn Islands in the Vanatua group in the Western Pacific (they used to be called the New Hebrides), collecting data for our canoe form Craft studies.

On Sakao Island we met Chief Jack Enrel who told us they were running out of Canoe building trees. We gave a group of canoe builders a talk/lesson in plywood boatbuilding techniques and we promised we would design them a Canoe out of Plywood. This design is the 16’ Melanesia. We sent them the Building Plans, but didn’t hear from them for the next 10 years. Then last year some New Zealanders helped to set up the ‘Sakao Saelkenu Center’ for teaching plywood boatbuilding to islanders and building sailing canoes for transport of people and goods.

After discussions with James Wharram Designs on which design would be best suited for their purposes, JWD donated a set of 28’ Tanenui Plans to the Centre. Their first Tanenui, called ‘Lanisif’ (the good North Wind) was built in less than 2 months and was launched on 12th September. The launching ceremony was carried out by Jack Enrel’s 103 year old father ‘olfela Enrel’.
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Melanesia Launch

Melanesia ‘Samaki’ launch

A great little canoe ... good looking as well. Very popular with the children and grandchildren - eight of us (couldn't get everyone in the pics) enjoyed it on the first day afloat here in Aberdour, Fife, Scotland. The other four children and grandchildren hope to have a go tomorrow. Conditions were far from perfect with a strong breeze in the afternoon and lumpy seas whenever large ships and tugs passed close by in the busy River Forth Estuary.

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Building a Tiki 31 in Greece

I am building a Tiki 31 on the island of Crete, Greece. You are welcome to view the progress of my work and share my enthousiasm on
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Obituary - Thomas Firth Jones

Thomas Firth Jones – Boatbuilder, Sailor, Multihull Enthusiast and Designer
Obituary by Ruth Wharram

I just received a sad letter from Carol, Tom Jones’ wife, that Tom died on 20th October, after suffering a series of small strokes.
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Manu Rere Tries Her Wings

Manu Rere’s launch date was solidly set weeks ahead by issuing invitations to a Wharram meet on the occasion. Sea people came from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii, Colorado, New Mexico and my home town Modesto. On the day before launching, people began arriving and helping out at the build site. After working all afternoon we all shifted to putting on the twenty complex beam lashings after dark. By the time Manurere was lowered onto the trailer it was after midnight.
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Tiki 26 blog at

I've started building Tiki 26 plan set #386. I'll be blogging the process and will try to post daily. Comments from any experienced builders or discussions with others who are currently building Wharrams much appreciated.