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Friday, April 19 2019 @ 10:14 AM BST
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Aluminium tube for Wharram Tiki 26 for sale

Hello Wharram Tiki 26 builders or owners,

We did build Magayon II, a Tiki 26, here in the Philippines some years ago.

Andi Smith's Junction Boatyard in Bohol had built the hulls and the mast. Recently I decided to replace the heavy wooden mast by one made from aluminium and after evaluating all options, I did get some aluminium tubes extruded by CALCO, a local company. Since they required a minimum amount of raw materials to be processed, I have some spare tubes. In case you know somebody in the Philippines looking for such tubes, please let me know. I am also happy to get quotations for shipping. The tubes are 8m long, 127 mm in diameter with a 3.5mm wall thickness, made from sea water resistant aluminium alloy. I am selling them at cost.

I am also selling the original wooden mast, if somebody is interested. Structurally it is in very good condition, hardly used, the paint is damaged in some areas.

Martin Gummert, Los Banos, Philippines
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4hp Mercury Outboard

Outboard For Sale
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Mizzen for Tehini

Required, plus I'm interested in other tehini sails. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks!
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PAHI 31 rigging for sale

Hi I have a brand new set of stays for a PAHI 31 for sale , they were copied off the original stays but we're never required . 250 I am based in the uk
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Tiki 21

I have a set of little used Tiki 21 sails for sale. 300.00
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wharram pahi 31

New mainsail for pahi 31 not tiki style rig , never taken out of bag also old gennaker and mainsail and storm jib. tel 0151 625 9207 uk
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40' Tiki-style mast for sale UK

40' Anodised aluminium mast (6" section) for sale in good condition. Would also make ideal netting beams? Photos available on request. Located Plymouth, UK. 250. Phone Mark on 07807192877
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Tiki 26

I want main and jib sails for my Tiki 26.
e-mail to jpchoi79(at)
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Model of a Tiki 26

I made this Tiki in 1987. The Hulls and Beams are made from
Marine Ply copper wire Stiching and west system epoxy. Boat paint and
Varnish Beams are pretty much the same as the real ones. Mast step has
a tube socket mod Mast is hollow glass epoxy. Sails are Gaff Rigged
Pocket Main rip stop nylon two sets one Scale and the ones fitted
slightly bigger rigging is plastic coated stanless steel.

Has Two Channel Futarba Attack Radio Control Transmitter. Has new batteries Fitted
and Cat Has H Duty five Bat Pack in Deck Pod with H Duty Sail Winch
and Reciever sales beautifully and can Gull wing with a bit of

Found some 1988 pics when the cat was painted White. It was repainted
yellow So Jim could see what it looked like.

Not sure what it might be worth. Please phone or email if interested.

Barry Neal - Home 01462 700147
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Tangaroa mkIV launching

Last month I launched my Tangaroa mkIV into the Macleay River Kempsey NSW Australia. I am a secondhand sail trader here in Sydney. Please email me on for the latest list of second hand sails. Some sails are listed on ebay, as well as my guide on altering and repairing sails. I also have a guide on building my Tangaroa. My web address is; I would be honored to have you visit my site an leave your comments. Many Thanks Alan