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Friday, April 19 2019 @ 09:41 AM BST
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tiki trailer 21

hello, I just bought a tiki21. I want to modify the trailer so that it can deviate to facilitate the mounting of the boat and launching. I am looking for plans, ideas to get to this type of trailer and make my life easier. thank you
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Looking for news of the life of Tangaroa Mk I, Tolfea

Tolfea is a Tangaroa Mark1 that I built as my first major boat project in 1979. After living aboard in the Pacific Nortwest for four years with wife and daughter, we moved onto a larger Wharram based design and sold Tolfea. She stayed mostly in the Puget Sound area with trips north as far as Alaska and Haida Gwai. There is a YouTube of one trip by Nala Walla.
I don't know most of her other stories but came across her in the work yard at Port Townsend this September abandoned and impounded. I now own her again and am well along on a refit. The hulls and beams are in amazing condition requiring little. New bulwarks are underway. Many little details are required of course as well as a new mast and sails and motor and gear. If anyone can fill in her stories that would be welcome as there was no log aboard. The name is derived from Tolkien, meaning Isle of Spirit in high elvish. It is coming along well and should be Sailing this Spring. Birch Gerke
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Ariki 'Piggy' sails again

Thought people might be interested to know that 'Piggy', the Ariki famous as the protagonist of the "Stick to the Plans" cautionary tale published on your website a few years back, has set sail on another long cruise. This time, Tom Hembroff is sailing with his daughter and one of his sons. They have a blog:

I don't know if their plans include going all the way around, but they do hope to be in New Zealand by November. Since the first voyage of Piggy was more than 30 years ago, I think this might be a record. At the very least, it's a tribute to a great design (she's an Ariki) and excellent boat maintenance.

All the best,
Mary Wilson
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Finally the day came when we had to move the hulls of our Tiki 21 downstairs...

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Ideas for a cockpit tent - by Jon Walmsley

These are pictures of the cockpit tent on Tiki 28 Nr.5 Pakljhawa, but a similar tent can be made for other Tikis. The main four attachment points are the aft shroud shackles and the rear cleats. All four clear windows are zipped to allow entry and ventilation. The poles are 16mm fibreglass with the steel ferrules replaced with stainless. The whole thing rolls up and goes in a long zipped bag which fits across the back of the boat on top of the aft trampoline. It takes me less than five minutes to put it up.

Click 'Read more' to see pictures.

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Hinemoa 'Nausicaa'

Here are some photos of my Hinemoa design Cat. I bought it in 1998 in very rough condition and spent six months bringing it back to life. I sail it from Morro Bay California in the estuary and along the coast from Port San Luis to San Simeon Bay north. I made two trolleys for the hulls and have trailed it as far as Mulege Baja Mexico where four of us launched and beach camped for three weeks as far south as Porto Escondito. We found the boat a perfect match for this kind of trip.
Some photos:

1)      On the beach in the back bay Morro Bay

2)      Getting ready to assemble and launch Morro Bay launch ramp

3)      Ready to leave on Mexico trip.


Tim  Frein, Los Osos Ca.


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Tiki 46 ‘Wakataitea’ in the Caroline Islands – part 2

On arrival in Satawal we were received by the three chiefs of the island, in the main "men / canoe house". After having shown our respects by bringing them presents: piece of cloth, cigarettes, rice... the spokesman tells us that we are welcome and can stay as long as we want. After a few exchanges, the chiefs ask us if we could sail with some people of the island on board our boats (we travel at the moment with Ingo and his boat Mahuini) to West Fayu, 75km north-west, for them to catch fish for the 500 people living on Satawal island (big job guys!). Satawal doesn’t have a lagoon; the ocean is right behind a small reef, which surrounds the island. West Fayu is, as one might say, their food (and tobacco) supplies reserve....

The next day as the weather is good, we take the opportunity to make the journey. The two boats take 3 persons each. In the afternoon we arrive in West Fayu’s beautiful lagoon. During the night, a canoe also made the trip, loaded with 11 people on board, plus 2 pigs ... in 15-20 knots of wind. They will remain a few weeks on the island.

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Tiki 46 ‘Wakataitea’ in the Caroline Islands – part 1

For two months now we are in the Caroline islands. What a sight! The beauty of the heavenly islands with white sand, blue sea, coconut trees, lobsters, crabs (well, the usual list...), and the History…. The settlement of the islands of the Pacific, sailing canoes traveling hundreds of miles finding their way with the stars, waves, birds ...

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Live on a boat?

Or know of someone who does? For an upcoming book I'd like to hear from people with interesting lives (past or present) who live on interesting boats. Not your grand design vessels which cost more than most houses, beautiful though they may be, but boats which work for a living, take their owners on weekend adventures or all the way around the world. They can be large or small, gorgeous or ugly, even barely able to float - and this goes for the owners too! Whether sail, motor, canal or rowing boat, and no matter where in the world, I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a line at Thank you very much.
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Child of the Sea No. 10 launched in the Philippines

Sent by Carsten Leschik

The professionally built Tama Moana „blaublixx2“ was launched from the beach of Panglao Island on 12th October 2011. After launching she was towed to Bohol Yacht Club in Tagbilaran where she was waiting for the arrival of her German owner Carsten Leschik and the skipper Klaus Hympendahl. The first sails where planned from Tagbilaran around Panglao Island back to the launching beach. Also a visit was planned to the beautiful island of Balicasag to the southwest of Panglao.

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The Great Zambezi Sailing Adventure

First to build the Tiki 30, we are back in action after many years, on Lake Kariba. A private airline has links to Harare and Victoria Falls and to grass strips at safari camps; so we can offer a ten day Adventure that can begin and end in Joburg, Harare or Lusaka. It includes Vic Falls for two nights, Matusadona Park for three nights and Sailing for four nights. Do see our web page -

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Tangaroa Tapairo Voyage

TARAIPO TALES. Majuro December 2010
Tonga to the Marshall Islands.

We were able to repair the storm damaged port bulwark in Tongatapu. In July/August we re-visited the Ha’apai and Va’vau Groups of islands. September found us aimlessly heading northwards. We stopped in stunning Samoa for a couple of weeks, after which we crossed the equator again and headed for the Marshall Islands, which we are exploring while waiting out, the South Pacific cyclone season, and deciding what to do next with our lives.

I quite fancy touring round Europe. and the ‘States, while Nicole hankers after a return to Switzerland. So Taraipo is for sale for $16,000 complete and ready to sail from Majuro in the Marshall Islands, as from February 2011

Watch this space!

For more photos click 'read more'
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Wakataitea 2010 voyage in Pacific

Wakataitea (Tiki 46) sailed from New Zealand to Tonga, Wallis, Rotuma to the Solomons, calling in Anuta and Tikopia where they met up with the two Lapita Voyage boats and their crews, sailing back via Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Lots of lovely photos in this blog.

5000NM in paradise!
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Two Tiki 8m delivered to Mariott Hotel

Boatsmith has delivered two Tiki 8M sailing catamarans to the beautiful Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort on the west coast of Florida. These boats are used for captained day sail charters for snorkeling, shelling and dolphin watching excursions. These boats were custom made to serve the needs of this resort. Their shallow draft allows them to be pulled up to the resort's beachfront for guest boarding. They feature a separate cockpit for the charter captain, custom cockpit seating for passengers, a large comfortable trampoline area, and a full marine head. The captain's are very happy with the performance and report that their customers love the comfort features and sailing experience on these boats.

If you are on the West coast of Florida, stop by the Marriott and sign up for a sailing adventure on these beautiful vessels.

Please note that the sailrigs on these catamarans are not the standard Wharram Wingsail

Boatsmith Inc
We Build Your Dreams

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Tiki 26 build in Brazil

Here are some pictures of the Tiki 26 building belonging to Jefferson and Gomes Aliseda and being built by Roberto Costa Sousa and Marcos Camargo, in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Mr Roberto Costa Sousa Filho writes:

I am 63 years old and sailed the first time in a Tiki 21 in 1980 and since then I have never forgotten the thrill I felt. Sailing since childhood, my father was a great sailor, and my maternal grandfather, Mario Nocetti was a naval engineer who built the first ten 42-foot class Brazil, Olin Stephens, who gave Brazil large victories in the famous race-Buenos Aires Rio.

Everything I learned from sailing, monohull was in, but the sail with the Tiki scored 21 definitely my preference for projects Wharram. Today I feel immense satisfaction at having a dream

Monohull photo is best boat built by my grandfather, who went to sea in 1949 and won the famous race, with the name of Cairo II.

Roberto Costa Sousa Filho

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